Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | August 28, 2014

Little House: All A-Bustle

It is calm and quiet right now.  James is sleeping.  Milo is waiting.  For a walk.  But I am here in my window seat, that looks out over the ocean and the farm, laying down the bones because it is probably the last peace and quiet there will be all day. Little House and Magic Mountain Farm, you see, have been all a-bustle, all week, getting ready to grow our community.

At the moment we have four permanent, two-legged residents. Add to that two more of the woofer* sort, but woofers come and go. Now we are about to embark on a new adventure we hope to have go on and on, and it begins tomorrow.  It is for this we have been getting ready and it feels like Christmas is almost upon us in August.

We are striving to build a unique community at Magic Mountain Farm.  It will continue to consist wagon-train-of-pioneers-moving-west-1800s-jpgof us, my husband and me. It also has our dearest, amazing Juli and the Dolphin who arrived last October and are on the autism spectrum.  Tomorrow night three more of beloveds, including my brother, will arrive.  They are Vanya and Lola, and Aaron.  Aaron will visit briefly.  Vanya and Lola we hope will stay on and on. They are another autism spectrum family.

What we are creating is an autistic community.  With an emphasis on the pursuit of happiness and also, developing a model for others of modest means to do the same.  And further more, we are creating a think-tank and a place of discovery, for development of break-through therapies and techniques for gaining speaking for meaning in non-verbal people, and the measurement, validation, and acknowledgement of their intelligence through observational models, backed by scientific research. 

This is Phase II.  And the ‘a-bustling’ has been to make room.  Literally.  Beautifully.  So far, living space is two suites with shared decks, overlooking the ocean.  One of the kitchens, filled with the strangest of things, that one seems to acquire as both a pack-rat and farm dweller, has been gutted.  Heaps of boxes have been ferried to the dump, the recycle facilities, and thrift shop. Cabinets have been scoured.  A room for boxes, along with a $60.00 twin bed from Craig’s list has been transformed into woofer housing, namely a bedroom for Katia and Kaoru right next door to the bathroom, and of course, with internet access.

At the top of our farm there is a cabin.  By chance a friend called and promptly delivered a king-size bed for that structure over last weekend.  At the bottom of our farm is a shack.  We are tearing it down, but leaving the deck and building little cottages that open onto the deck for even more folks to come here. 

In Vanya and Lola’s quarters we are installing bars and shelves in the closet, moving furniture, vacuuming and washing the windows, so that everything sparkles.


Juli and the Dolphin

When they arrive late tomorrow, their bed will be ready.  All will be calm and cool with mountain air. We will have fed them on the ride home.  The room and the blankets will enfold them under clouds or stars, whatever the night has to offer. And they will feel the high ceilings and step onto the deck and breathe and slumber.   And all of us will dream away the night, waking when we please on Saturday, and so a new chapter on Magic Mountain Farm will begin.


*workers on organic farms

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