Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | February 11, 2014

Seizure the Day

531172_4069088566865_443948529_nI didn’t set my alarm last night, and as it turned out, I didn’t need to, to be up bright and early this morning. There was a scratching, thumping sound, coming from below.  At first I thought the dogs were playing and dozed off.  But the sounds continued.  I sat up and realized it might be Shep, having a seizure.  Opening the hatch, I saw him below, spasming, shaking, drooling, peeing, pooping, clawing air on the dining room floor.  Thank God it was the dining room floor instead of the living room rug.

It’s funny how there can be something terrible happening, and instead of taking it in, one thinks instead about the further potential disaster that has been averted, assuming one’s beloved pet does not die in the meantime.  All I could think, as I scampered down the ladder, was how thank God Shep was shitting and pissing on a hardwood floor.  It would be so much easier to clean and to get rid of the smell; horrified guests having to smell and step around it if it were on the wool rug tonight, when they come to dinner.  Now I can be pretty sure Shep won’t have a seizure while my friends are visiting, during a meal.  The only thing I have to be vigilant about is one of the cats bringing a ‘present’ –a rat or mouse– inside to play with and share with them.  In the morning.  While I am still in bed. Before my alarm goes off.


  1. I am deeply experienced in the art of poop and pee removal of nearly all species. Lol. As for a cat bringing a present, it’s weird what you miss. Our cats (now speros’s cats) brought back living gifts with spectacularly bad timing. I’ve cleaned bird, moth, and rat bits & guts from the weirdest places. My all time favorites are from pillowcases when they wake you

  2. Still laughing. The poor dog. We send our love. The last long reply to the last post got eaten by Internet. The whole world you paint with words makes me feel like I am floating and flying hours later when I stop to recall images from the text. We will be dreaming in icons and ideas from the place and people who have populated the stories. In a special place will be the animals moving to the rhythms only they follow. Love to all.

  3. Poor Shep! I think once we are faced with a chronic & difficult situation it is not only normal to look at how it could have been worse but is also optimistic. Best wishes for your company & no cat presents 🙂

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