Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | January 30, 2014

Getting Ready for Company

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 9.54.24 AMVisitors are often shocked at the amount of dirt there is on a farm.  Indoors and outside.  And the amount of wildlife.  And noise.

Little House is expecting guests next month and already, all I can think about is how to get everything clean enough to not be too horrifying.  There are cobwebs, spiders, lizards, mice, rats, dust bunnies, pet hair, black mold, ants, dirty windows, light switches and cabinets with food splatter and finger prints, the new fridge has glass shelves that definitely need wiping.  Again.  There are nooks and crannies and beamed ceilings and shelves and framed pictures that are in need of a good sweeping and vacuuming. The tracks for the windows are filled with insect carcasses. The screens need to be brushed and washed.

Under Little house are at least thirty crates.  The are mostly filled with artwork, dishes, and knick knacks. I don’t dare get them out because I could never keep up with all the dusting.  If they are sealed in say, a china cabinet where they can be seen, but not get so dusty, here they get moldy.

Have I mentioned where we keep sandpaper, matches, salt, and envelopes?  Why in the oven, of course.  We live in a cloud forest. When I first moved here, all the furniture and books I unpacked became covered with mold. When our friends who live a thousand feet below us gave us furniture, it became covered with mold.  Around the kitchen sink, and in the tiles, there is mold growing all the time.

I clean a lot, but with all the traffic–the pets, the woofers, James, me, and Juli and the Dolphin, a lot gets tracked in and smudged. And that doesn’t include the geckos or spiders.

Little house has fourteen sides. There are exposed beams.  There are hanging glass and shell lamps.  It’s all very charming and actually quite beautiful.  But to clean, ah, there’s the rub.

I am imagining our city friends arriving, being a bit dismayed at how rough it is here.  One time James’ cousin was here with his wife and one of the cats brought in a live mouse while we were having dinner.  His wife was horrified.  This happens maybe twice a year, but of course one of those times had to be when they were here.  My nephews and niece were frightened and amazed when they first arrived and discovered a spider nursery in the kitchen.  One of our dogs, Shep, regularly has seizures. In the living room. On the wool rug.  He poops and pees and drools.  Then we mop up, sprinkle baking soda and lay down newspaper.  A day later we sweep and repeat.  Then James comes home exhausted and lays down on the rug for a nap.

The first night I ever spent here it was like being on Witch Mountain. There were dogs howling and roosters crowing.  During the rainy season we get koqui frogs.  As I have mentioned, they are about the size of a quarter.  The male’s mating call is  eighty decibels. And surprisingly, cows bellow, a lot. And there are so many different birds that sing.  It’s like a wild animal kingdom orchestra.

I hope my friends are very busy right now.  Too busy to read this.  I don’t want to scare them off because we are really looking forward to having them here.  One of the good things that happens, especially with first time visitors, is that we get a morale boost showing off the farm and all the wonders of our island.  I can’t wait to see their faces when they see our guest space with panoramic ocean views and glass-less screened windows with shutters.  I only pray that I will be able to clean it all up enough before they arrive, and that I will remember to have mosquito repellant and a radio and a fan for white noise, waiting for them in their room.


  1. We used to love driving to a spot in LA where you could hear frog song. We couldn’t go on the property, and the spot was at a red light. One soul’s noise, is another’s music. You’re housekeeping and guest preparation list sounds oddly familiar lol. Tidying, spiders, and mold, oh my! We always end up playing music to make the cleaning go smoother. But that’s the city. Love to all.

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