Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | January 8, 2014

Cool Runnings

2099_1089103469100_5725_nEver since winter officially started the air has actually been sharp most nights.  And sometimes it has been so bright and clear you can see your shadow and the sky is studded with stars that poke out of the milky milky ways.

There is no heat in Little House, except if you count the cook stove, the coffee pot, the boil pot and the microwave, oh, and the hot water heater.  Even living in southern California there was the option to have heat.  L.A. is a desert climate, so the nights, especially in winter, can be cold.  The last few years I lived there, though, I didn’t turn the heat on.  It was a good thing, too, because when I moved here I found out that when you live at 2,000 feet in a cloud forest, come December it is blanket weather.

Our bed is like a sleigh.  There are soft warm crimson sheets of cotton flannel with two waffle weave snow white blankets on top.  On top of them is a fuzzy polar fleece throw.  On top of the throw is a faux fur lined comforter.  Our bedroom is seven sided. We climb a ladder and open a trap door to get to it.  Most of the windows are open at night and sometimes when there is a stiff breeze and nocturnal animals make themselves heard, it’s like we live on witch mountain instead of a 14,000-foot-tall volcano.

Next time I change the bedding, I’m using a new set of flannels that are midnight blue, to match the parts of the sky between the stars poking out of the milky way.  We may be in Hawaii, but when you live this high up the mountain with no heat, it’s good to be tucked in to a soft, warm cozy bed at night, with someone’s legs wrapped around you while the cold winds blow and the roosters crow.

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