Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | December 31, 2013


We had quite the storm last night.  Rain by the bucket-load.  Our water tanks caught at least 6,000 gallons; the land got about 200,000 gallons.  We live on catchment and the climate’s been getting dryer, so it was a real gift, especially with all the people staying on Magic Mountain Farm.  We have six tanks around the property, that can hold up to 45,000 gallons of rain water.  That’s what we use.  For showers, cooking, laundry, plants, you name it.  The Dolphin’s skin has really cleared up since moving here. When my autistic nephew Dov visits, it’s the same for him. James does a lot better, too.  When we go to the mainland his skin is a mess from all the chemicals in the tap water.  Even here, he can’t swim in the municipal pool without getting a rash.

Not that James wants to go to the pool what with this being Hawaii and all, but there are water aerobics and physical therapy, and with his skin sensitivities they are just not an option.

If we wanted county water it would cost a fortune.  We’d have to pay to have the piping up the mountain, from just above the highway.  And county water varies.  Some of it tastes good, but there’s seepage in some areas and the water has a sweet salty taste that is really gross.  When I’m in town I always try to remember to bring a water bottle from home.  I’d almost rather die of thirst than drink what’s available in fountains. I don’t want to buy throw away bottles because they seem like such a waste.

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