Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | November 27, 2013

Light and Miracles

I was just saying to Juli, tomorrow it will be one month since they came here.  I’m sitting in her apartment, because I write better with a bunch of stuff going on around me.  The TV is on.  All the windows and doors are open.  The wind is blowing.  The helpers are talking, walking up the driveway.  It feels just right for laying down the bones.

Jack London used to write in a room full of people.  I wondered how he managed it.  Until I was forced to and found that I love it.  I was a staff writer on a TV show and had finally gotten my own office, when we ran into budget problems.  To save money, they moved me into a giant room with the office weirdo, where they also held meetings and one time even built a set and shot one of the scenes.

I was so angry about it, I complained to my healer, but she insisted that it might turn out a lot better than I thought.  I felt I ‘had’ to agree with her though not without a big painful lump in my throat.

Then it happened and miracle of miracles, I loved it.  The office weirdo turned out to be really nice, and I wrote like crazy.  And one of the stories I was working on became the lead for opening the television series.

Chanukah, which begins tonight, is about miracles and light.  I pray for light every night for myself and people I love.  I feel like Juli and Dolphin are living miracles and that their being here is a gift I am so thankful for.  I gave them a glowing, oval light that changes colors today, because I am so happy that this is their new home.

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