Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | November 5, 2013

By the Numbers

A lot has been getting done on Magic Mountain Farm, but not by me.  I am keeping up with Lil’ House, and that’s about it.  When not petting and feeding dogs and cats, taking out the compost, doing laundry, sweeping, cooking, washing dishes, talking on the phone and spending time on the computer, Juli and the Dolphin have been taking up most of my time.

We are seeing if they can get settled and stay here. Today I/we…. [think Lone Ranger theme music while reading] walked the dogs, made breakfast, supervised the help, petted and fed the dogs, ran back and forth between buildings, up and down hill, did laundry, paid bills, helped the Dolphin up and down a flight of stairs (which takes Juli and me with Dolphin) and then drove all over on errands.  The errands were…. (to the theme of the Lone Ranger, again) a visit to the local high school with IEP paperwork and a brief meeting with the Special Education Coordinator, a trip to a place that does day care and respite care to meet with staff and have a tour –where the DOlphin hasd a meltdown because she thought we were going to leave her there for good, then off to the vet for pet meds, lots of phone tag and leaving messages for the social worker, then to McDonald’s, to the credit union, the post office and the thrift shop.

Up next… I’ve been sitting in a stupor in Lil’ House reading I don’t remember much about what, eating dried fruit and nuts and sipping on black tea with milk and then logging on to this blog, soon to be followed by dinner prep and more phone calls because my mom is in the hospital and I’m worried about how she is doing.

Thank God for good helpers on our farm and my husband.

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