Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | November 1, 2013

Settling Inn

Juli and the Dolphin are getting over jet lag and slowly but surely settling in.  I, on the other hand, have been on a roller-coaster.  Thank goodness I’m loving it. I’m just still so excited that they are finally here and that so far, it has been going so well.

There is a Hebrew word that is often used at Passover, that is pronounced “Di-ay-nu.”  I have no idea how it is spelled, but at least one meaning for it is, “It would have been enough if…”  As in, it would have been enough if… Dolphin who has Rett Syndrome and Juli who is a high funtioning autistic, had just made it here in one piece, flying 5,000+ miles in a single day, with no mishaps.  That alone would have been –was– a miracle.  Today we learned there was a mass shooting at one of the airports where they had to change planes.  Everyone was evacuated.  What if they had been traveling today, instead?

Dolphin and Juli are eating and sleeping well and taking hardly any medications.  The Dolphin is able to move her bowels and both of them are responding well to taking charcoal capsules.  Charcoal helps with gas, which for the Dolphin can be excruciating.

They have their own apartment here, about 150 feet from Little House.  It has decks, called Lanais in Hawaiian, with panoramic views of the ocean.  The Dolphin can walk in and out of the apartment onto the Lanai anytime she wants to, and be safe.  She is loving the independence.  And one of our dogs, Milo, is visiting them every day.

Sitting with my feet up, writing in my round cozy living room, it is calm and quiet, except for the fan on the refrigerator. I am so grateful I can have my own space, and have workers and friends living here, just steps away from Little House, on Magic Mountain Farm.

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