Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | October 29, 2013


I’m trying to prioritize my day.  So far I’ve walked and fed the dogs, put away dishes, and made some tea.  Goals: mowing.  That’s first and foremost.  I love to mow.  I think I get that endorphin high while I’m doing it.  It’s the best exercise ever on our sloping farm, combining core-strengthening, upper-body strengthening, and aerobics. Yesterday by the time I was ready to start it sprinkled. All the grass was dewy.  With our two big mowers out of commission, the only one left wasn’t right for the job.  Too small.  It would just gunk up with wet grass, like soggy shredded wheat, so I gave up and harvested arugula and basil instead, and then went on errands: bank deposit, avocado delivery, picking up checks for coffee cherry, and getting mail from our P. O. Box.

We live 7/8ths of a mile up a private, one lane road.  There is no home mail or newspaper delivery.  Hence the P. O. Box instead of a mailbox at Little House. 

Back to today though, yes, mowing.  Before there is more rain. Or drizzle.  And going to pick up ulu aka breadfruit on the way to the airport to pick up Juli and the Dolphin.  They are coming tonight.  And my husband James knows they may be staying a long time and seems cool with it.  I don’t know if this is because he actually ‘heard’ what I’ve said about it, or because he is still in the haze of healing from boils on his legs and isn’t fully cognizant.

When we were going up our road the other day we passed a car for sale.  It seemed like a good opening to slip in that I’d already checked it out because Juli might need to buy one.  …Because the situation she is leaving is so bad she had to put everything in storage.  …And when she starts to apply for services for her daughter, it might require staying longer to make sure everything works out.  …And if she and the Dolphin go back, they will have to go to her family who live in a very remote part of South Carolina with no services or hospitals.  And then I waited and he seemed to take it all in just fine.  So I decided not to push or check if he had understood. 

James gets mad that I don’t always pay attention or understand.  I just can’t.  Sometimes I tune everything out.  Or skate along the surface.  Or really, I cannot actually physically hear what he is saying, and when I ask him to repeat himself he gets mad at me.  He says he is speaking loudly enough, so I must not be focused or my hearing must be going, even though he is speaking to me from around the corner while I am at the sink washing produce. 

So it sort of feels like vindication, however it all turns out.  Either he got it that Juli and the Dolphin may be with us for a while, or he wasn’t paying attention sitting next to me in the car.  In which case I will say I was perfectly clear.  In which case he will insist that I must not have been because that’s not what he remembers.

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