Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | October 24, 2013

Hawaiian Host (ess)

I read some of these blogs to my husband James yesterday and he thought they had a negative tone. 

Afterwards I went to pick more coffee and fell head first down some lava rocks in our forest, dumping out all the cherry in my basket.  Like I said in one of those blogs, I’m an optimist, but lately I’ve been preoccupied with James having both legs covered in boils, so he can barely walk, and because we are have two very precious visitors coming soon to our farm, to see about moving here.  The mother is autistic and the daughter has Retts, which is a genetic syndrome with characteristics that make the most severe form of autism look like a walk in the park.

But James did have a point, I thought.  Because while I’ve been griping about living in Hawaii on this blog every day, I’ve been telling my friend Juli all about how wonderful it is here.  There is every climate except sub-arctic I write to her, when we are on Facebook Chat.  In the winter people actually ski and sled, and they bring back truck loads of snow and make snowmen along the highway at Christmas.  And I tell her about all of the wild birds and giant sea turtles and how on our farm there are 180-degree views of the ocean.

Juli and her daughter Nikki, also known as the Dolphin, will hopefully be staying in a one-bedroom apartment we have, that has decks, known as lanais, with panoramic ocean views.  You can watch the sun set from the lanai, and we have a hammock with a portable frame that we are going to set up by the house, so the Dolphin can relax outside with our dog Milo.

The problem is, the Dolphin (and for that matter Juli) have a hard time with steps.  There are 14 steps up to the apartment.  And even though Dolphin has Retts, against all odds Juli found a growth hormone that made the Dolphin gain a lot of weight, so now that she is a teenager, she weighs at least a hundred pounds.

I don’t know if they will be able to get up the stairs.  Both of them have depth perception issues.  Nikki wears weights on her ankles to help with awareness that she is in her body. Still, it is difficult for them to climb.

So I suggest using a room on a first floor of the adjoining building instead, and my husband blows a gasket every time I bring it up.  It may just be those bright red, aching boils.  Yes, he’s gone septic. It’s the boils talking, I try to convince myself.  But he’s adamant that this is a horrible idea –because we will have to empty out the room and it imposes on the entire space of the first floor– that it is upsetting him to the point that he doesn’t want to talk about it. 

And although I’ve tried to touch on it, I haven’t even begun to discuss the fact that Juli and the Dolphin are selling everything they own or putting it in storage, and planning to move here, not just visit, even though they have round trip tickets.

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