Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | October 23, 2013


We’ve been harvesting coffee cherry in Ratville.  That’s what I call the areas where the rats come and eat the ripe cherry on our farm.  There’s the center of Ratville above our house in the gully.  Also there are the suburbs of Ratville, on the upper road and out towards the road coming up to our farm. 

I pick what’s left of the cherry, even the light pink ones, in Ratville and it’s outlying environs, because otherwise, the rats will.  They love this very thin mucousy layer between the bright red skin and the shell around the coffee bean.  The skin is left empty and hanging.  After a while it turns black and crunchy.  And the rats spit out the beans, so they pile up under the tree like snow. 

We try to pick every last cherry there is on the farm like a bunch of misers, all 1200 trees worth.  Otherwise the rats and the coffee borer beetles get it, and the coffee beans the rats drop on the ground sprout into literally thousands of baby trees called Keikis.


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