Posted by: littlehouseonthebigisland | October 22, 2013

Welcome Home

The other day I was headed back to Hawaii when the pilot said, ‘For those of you coming here on a vacation, we hope you have a wonderful time, and for those of you lucky enough to live in Hawaii, welcome home!’

All I could think was, Ugh. All I do is work.  Anyone who actually lives here, that’s all they do. My husband James insists that isn’t true, that we take a vacation in Hawaii at least one-and-a-half days a year.  The rest of the time though, it’s like the Pilgrims.  Except twice a month on Sunday when we go to Quaker Meeting.  We’re a small group so we gather at the beach at a National Park.  But we don’t go in the water. We just sit in the silence and meditate and then have potluck afterwards.  Then we go back home and work.  Which I guess is actually different from the Pilgrims because they got to take off the entire day, every Sunday, and only worked six days a week instead of six-and-a-half or seven.

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